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A way to fill those herpes medication prescription needs also without the embarrassment of going to the pharmacy.

Types of Herpes treatments

 Medications used for Herpes

  • acyclovir-Generic available. Requires longer course of treatment than Famvir. 
    Runs $3-$6 per tablet,
    Available in generic form. Is available in 200mg, 400mg, 800mg taps, topical cream,  and in liquid form also. 

  • famcyclovir-Runs $3-$6 per tablet

    not available in generic form.
    Available in 125mg, 250mg, 500mg

  • valacyclovir-Runs $3-$6 per tablet

    Available in 500mg, and 1 gram caplets.


Common side-effects from these herpes medications: 
        nausea ( Approx-12.5%), diarrhea (Approx-7.7%), 
and headache (Approx-22.7%)

Nutritional  Preparations for Herpes Suffers

recommended to take 500mg Lysine a day during herpes prodromal  period,  just before a herpes virus outbreak.  Lysine is involved in competition with arginine.  When arginine is displaced by lysine during intestinal absorption,  it is thought that the viral coating can't proceed, and then the virus can't invade the cell.

Homeopathic Products

Naturopathic Herpes Preparations

 Herpes Prevention

Prevention starts with stress relief.  Stress is a proven trigger of herpes outbreaks. Often if we can simply eliminate a small part of our stress outbreaks are less frequent.  Music is a great way to relax, if only for 15 minutes. Certain types of music are more beneficial than others.  The results of studies of how certain types of music have a profound effect on our health is becoming more accepted by main stream medicine..   The selections below come highly recommended.

The treatment of a Herpes virus infection varies depending on the site of infection; 1-oral, or  on the lips, 2-genital, 3-other body surfaces  Typically oral herpes infections are from Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1, genital herpes infections are from Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2.  Other body surfaces may be infected by type I or II strains, or by another one of the Herpes virus strains.  A common infection of another body surface often results in a condition called Shingles, also known as  Herpes Zoster.  It should be noted that treatment does not get rid of the herpes virus from your body, but simply diminishes the symptoms of an active outbreak.  Some researchers believe that a persons that are infected, are contagious through viral shedding.  This is a situation where the viral particles escape the infected person's skin, even though they don't have obvious visible symptoms. Therefore, it is important to remember that treatment may not keep you from spreading the disease to someone else; including a baby during the birthing process. 

   The treatments for herpes infections include oral medication and topical cream. The location, length of time infected, and age of the patient often play a role in determining the exact dosage and combination of traditional medication.  Alternative treatments often involve natural herbal and nutritional substances.  The alternative herpes treatments are often more successful in preventing outbreaks, than diminishing active infections.  It should be noted that little research exists to support alternative therapies, whether for preventative or active conditions.  Both traditional and alternative treatments are aimed at helping to  to cut down on the length of time symptoms are present, but do not automatically make the infection go away.  

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Herpes Treatment


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