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What herpes looks like!!!  

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What You Need To Know About Genital Herpes and Oral Herpes Cold Sores
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Where You Get Herpes Diagnosis and Treatment
How to Remain Confidential-What You Need to about diagnosis
What does herpes look like?

Genital Herpes 

  • You never get rid of Herpes !!!

  • Medication doesn't cure  herpes, you only treat the symptoms of herpes sores!

  • You can transmit the herpes virus, or catch it even when there aren't visible blisters or sores !!!


Herpes is a virus that infects the nervous system. The herpes virus comes in different strains. Most commonly, HSV I, HSV II, and Herpes Zoster.  These are also known as herpes simplex virus type 1, herpes simplex virus type 2, and Shingles respectively.  Visualize the human nervous system like a tree trunk with it's extensive root system. The tree trunk represents your spinal cord, and the roots represent the nerves that branch out through your body.  The herpes virus  infects one of theses nerve  branches.  When this happens it causes irritation, and varying degrees of other signs and symptoms at the site of infection.  Typically, the initial infection is the worst.  It causes burning, inflammation, little blisters or bumps, and sometimes open sores.  Usually this infection last 7-14 days.  If open sores get infected with bacteria the sores can last longer.  More on Herpes Facts


Why do you need to know this???

Because prevention of the herpes simplex virus 
( HSV ) is crucial.  
Some herpes medications help,
Some nutritional supplements for herpes help, 
Some ointments for genital herpes and oral herpes cold sores help.
Some Viral disinfectants help cut down on the transmission of herpes.

Physicians, a PAC, or a Nurse Practitioner can treat herpes. Urgent Care Clinics can provide treatment prescriptions for HSV

Is there a cure for genital herpes ?   Not currently.  HSV research is trying to develop a vaccine, but none have made it to market as of yet.

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